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Hide.Me is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider using a team of IT experts from worldwide. Previously,  the team been employed  to safeguard multinational corporations and in many cases governments. Recently,  they are now offering their expertise to the public. was established on November 1, 2012. The company is  a subsidiary of eVenture Limited with head offices located in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia.

The company currently has 28 VPN servers found in 22 countries worldwide. Their team consists of professional IT security personnel who feel that everyone has to be protected on the internet.

Already, Hide.Me has emerged as one of the top VPN providers that you can buy, offering users additional security and privacy, and as a means of accessing blocked, censored or  restricted online content. price and discount

How It Works

Along with other VPN providers, Hide.Me necessitates installation of basic client software, that permits customers to connect to the Hide.Me network. After running the application, users are then competent to choose their required settings in order to find a server they wish in order to connect to.

Upon connecting, internet are tunnelled utilizing the server’s IP address, which makes them anonymous online. Their true location may also be obscured as well as their online activity will be as if it really is originating from the server. This can be used to reach content that’s usually geo-restricted. discount off

In addition, all internet information is encrypted, giving anyone an extra  and  higher level of security. The encryption makes certain that all online activity remains safe and secure from unwanted snooping, hacking or some other threats. In fact, even ISPs will be unable to monitor internet activity when using the service. protects internet data through providing an encryption tunnel relating to the device and VPN servers. This tunnel encrypts information and data being sent and received back and forth the internet, in order to safeguard your computer data from individuals and organization that attempts to steal or hack info on your browsing activities. apps also blocks organizations, ISPs, and governments from throttling your connection speed and restricting internet access by hiding your traffic off their inspections. This allows you to get into your favorite sites without worrying about being blocked or redirected from this.

Furthermore, conceals internet identity as well as placement from phishers, hackers and also other malicious individuals by substituting your IP address using their own IP address. This process lets you surf the net privately and anonymously. VPN  bring a superb opportunity for all VPN users – Avail a fantastic 35% discount on VPN  premium plans and have a chance to win’s annual Premium Plan. If you have already got an account, it is going to be added on.

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